Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Airborne Unicorn

As you can see I'm sporting some pretty vibrant lipstick. A little more then a week ago my best friend, Hope, got me this lipstick completely out of no where! She used chictopia points that she had been saving up for a year just to get it! She is wonderful and I totally didn't deserve it, but she obviously understands my obsession over makeup. I've been wanting lipstick from Lime Crime for a long while and I will be forever grateful to own this lipstick. The shade is Airborne Unicorn and it is a lovely vibrant purple with some pink undertones. This lipstick smells fabulous, is cruelty free, is not tested on animals, and feel like silk. It is my favorite lipstick in my collection and i've been wearing it quite a bit. My weakness is cute packaging so I melted over the packaging as well as the lipstick. The package also contained the sticker as well as an Aquataenia promotion post card in which the model was Traci Hines, someone I love and is often known for her portrayal of Ariel. I HIGHLY suggest you purchase lipstick from Lime Crime, it is worth the money and you wont be disappointed!
Xoxo Sarah
Lipstick: http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/
Cardigan: http://www.glamourkills.com/
Shirt: F21
Nail polish: Undercoat-Forever 21 Glitter overcoat- Nicole by OPI "One Less Lonely Glitter"

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