Monday, April 18, 2011

"Is it weird for me to say that your eyes look delicious"

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Hey you guys! I am in the mood to start summer basically I bought this shirt because
I have been wanting to do watermelon eyes for a long time and I love to pair stripes with polka-dots so it worked out perfectly!
This weekend I found this lovely picture of Rihanna and I was inspired to test it out. I hope you guys like it! Any ideas on what you want me to do on my next post??? Feel free to tell me.
xoxo Sarah

polka-dot scarf-thrifted  shirt-dehlias  shoes-f21  necklace-f21  rings-thrifted

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  1. Your eyes are such a work of art. It's one thing to be able to do makeup (I suck at it), but to make it an art is incredible, keep it up, you definitely have a gift. I don't know if this is a bit out there, but looking at ur cheetah look below, it would be nice to see zebra and pink.