Sunday, June 26, 2011

Night and the Spirt of Life calling

Hey guys! This is a look at my third day in New York! That day was amazing I got to see some cool thrift and vintage shops, see the Tripp NYC store, and the best thing was Go to the Broadway workshop. My two friends and my friend's Mom chose to go to the workshop while every one else tracked across the Brooklyn Bridge and believe me our choice payed off. We got to talk to a big time Broadway casting director and The understudy for Simba in the Lion King(Joel)! After the workshop my friend mentioned how much we all would love to stand on a Broadway stage and sure enough Joel gave us a backstage tour of The Minskoff theatre where the Lion King is preformed! These are the pictures of the that glorious night! We got to meet the actor who plays Grown up Nala and Scar! It was a  life changing experience to say the least. I was so excited I even laid down on the stage!

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